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How to Stop Flea Infestations

Most pet owners face the problem of an infestation of fleas, ticks, and other parasitic hosts. They have been known to lead to some health concerns and problems for people’s dogs. Hosts like fleas are typically harder to eliminate. The moment they infest your dog, they go ahead and lay hundreds of fresh eggs daily. Choosing the right flea medicine and prevention methods can see to it that these parasites are done away with for good.

To be able to thoroughly remove them; it is important to know more about them. There life cycles include the egg, larva, pupa, and adult stages. They start off by identifying a host, which for your is your pet, and feed on its blood, making it possible for them to lay eggs. After laying their eggs, these will fall off the dog and hatch whenever they happen to land. Typical areas for the hatching include your carpet, the dog’s bedding, couch, clothes, and such. They will hatch into larvae, then later transform into pupae and finally into adult fleas. Due to their proximity, they will use your dog as food source by taking its blood. Application of the appropriate flea medication will prevent the continuation of their life cycle, which will result in no further eggs being laid in your home.

There are different types of dog flea medicine, each with a unique way in which they tackle this flea life cycle problem. There are those who destroy the egg larvae or adult fleas, while others will disrupt their entire life cycle. Each medication has its unique way of administering too. There are those for swallowing and others for application to the pet’s skin. You have the task of selecting which one of these works best for you. Doing this will prevent you from ending up trying all of them with no effective result. It is advisable as much as possible to focus on the prevention of an infestation. Elimination of these parasites is the harder option.
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There are certain points to remember when giving the medications. Some medicines kill them, while others stop the life cycle. Select the right one for your circumstances, or use both when in doubt.
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Start prevention exercises early to stop their spreading. The earlier, the better chance you have. Invest in a flea medicine that prevents the eggs from hatching. The moment you notice your dog scratching itself aggressively, take it as a sign to do something before it is too late.
You have the option to give your pet a liquid form of the flea medicine if it has a problem taking oral forms. They can take it in their water.

The areas where your pet frequents should be vacuumed well and the bag discarded, or a flea powder vacuumed into it there and then.

You should always ask your dog’s vet to get the best advice concerning the infestation.
When administering the medicine, follow the guidelines correctly. You may render it useless by changing what the manufacturer says you do.

Fleas torment both you and your pet, and can lead to some serious health issues. The right flea medicine use will give you peace, as well as ensure the health of your dog remains intact.