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E-Commerce: An introduction The process of buying and selling goods and services through computerized systems like the computer channels and the internet is known as E-commerce or electronic commerce. E-commerce is very efficient because it offers the provision of goods and services around the clock to consumers, poses a wide availability of various products and services to clients and it is readily available with the right software. Consequently, e-commerce disadvantages consumers in that they are only able to view the product upon delivery and the customers can receive their product at a later date or time than they expected. This editorial will highlight some of the necessities that will help you in the running an effective e-commerce site. But first, you need to understand some of the categories present in electronic commerce. The first class of e-commerce is the business-business that comprises of business persons conducting business with other business persons. An illustration of business to business type of electronic commerce involves a manufacturing company selling goods to a trader or a wholesaler selling products to retailer.
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The second type of e-commerce is the business to a consumer where a client buys goods from a business company without interacting with the person involved physically through shopping cart software.
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Consumer to business is the third category of e-commerce that involves a customer placing bids on a project that he or she intends to pursue so that interested companies can bid for it. The final group of e-commerce happens on online ads and forums where consumers can purchase and sell goods and services. After you have your preferred category, it is important to look for the best features to include in your e-commerce website. Search engine optimization feature is the first feature that your e-commerce site should have because it allows your website to be visible on other search engines where consumers can easily spot your goods and services by providing sitemaps. The aim of e-commerce is to get paid upon each delivery of goods and services to your clients; thus, it is important to create a payment module that will be suitable for all your customers when paying for these services. Including promotional tools in your e-commerce is very important because they are capable of boosting your sale. The use of promotional tools attracts consumers who may end up buying your products, and you may end up retaining them in the long run. Remember to use a filtered catalog that will assist you in managing the costs of different products that you offer and one that will help your clients to trace different products on your site. In conclusion, remember to incorporate an appropriate shipping feature on your site that the clients can choose from their ideal mode of transport to ship their goods.